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1969 Brochure

In case you can’t read the fine print, most of these Tuesday events took place at noon in King 106.  They were entitled…
Through a Stained Glass Darkly
Don’t Forget Me When You’re Rich and Famous
Eleven-Eleven: 12-12-42
When I Consider Thy Heavens (David L. Anderson, Professor of Physics)
Modern Art and the Gospel
An Evening of Ritualistic Theater
Passion in the Dark




Oberlin Review Articles

The newspaper is always available for review when the reunion classes visit during commencement weekend.

^ 1966, September 20  

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^ 1967, October 27 


^ 1968, June 08 (page 11 in Year’s News in Review section) 


^ 1968, September 13 


^ 1970, March 13 


^ 1970, May 23 


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