All images from the Oberlin College Archives


Faculty & Staff

A 1970 Oberlin College graduate, Alphonzia “Al” Wellington, Jr. joined the College's admissions office in 1970 to recruit black students from the secondary schools in Northeastern Ohio, and also to counsel them on campus. Al was co-captain on the 1969-70 men’s basketball team.


Oberlin graduate Albert J. McQueen '52 joined the Sociology Department in 1966.  He played a pivotal mediation role on campus between faculty and staff  integrationists and black-power oriented students who demanded campus changes that for many seemed unduly separatist.


George Langeler, Dean of Students from 1966-1989, helped students negotiate the difficult period of the 1960s. 


Anna Ruth Brummett, Oberlin College Department of Biology faculty member from 1961-1985, served on several important college committees and was a proponent for science education at the national level.