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It's our ... yearbook photos! You know, the ones where we wore suits and dresses? And were young?!

Yearbook photo spread 1  Abendschein-Bently
Yearbook photo spread 2  Bennett-Close
Yearbook photo spread 3  Clough-Evans
Yearbook photo spread 4  Ewbank-Goldstein
Yearbook photo spread 5  George-Johnson
Yearbook photo spread 6  Jones-Lehmann
Yearbook photo spread 7  Lenoir-Melton
Yearbook photo spread 8  Merrick-Proctor
Yearbook photo spread 9  Prouty-Shapiro
Yearbook photo spread 10 Shifrin-Trent
Yearbook photo spread 11 Vanas-Zimmerman


This way, please! No, not that way - this way! Take a stroll down memory lane with ... wait for it ... our Freshman Handbook!


Revisiting the Freshman Show ... (a Review article.)


Mozart's Requiem was performed by Oberlin students and faculty at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, May 10, 1970 as one of many responses to the Kent State students' deaths on May 4th. Here is an article which describes this event: Students Protest: Make Music, Not War. And here are links to the music.


Curious to see the program from our actual graduation day? Click on the following link to review the Class of 1970 Commencement Program from Monday, May 25, 1970.

Click here to see Commencement Photos from the Archives. Click here to see a copy of Jesse Jackson's Commencement Speech!

Interested in the history of the cap and gown tradition and how it was changed by Oberlin's Class of 1970? Click here for an article - the Class of 1970 appears on page 7 of Academic Regalia at Oberlin: The Establishment and Dissolution of a Tradition by: S.E. Plank, Oberlin College.